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This is a big year coming!

A lot of firsts, a few lasts, and definitely some dreams being built!

I am stepping out in faith – trusting He will guide the exciting things that are coming this Fall!

Soon, I am getting a new look for this space – a place that I pray continues to welcome people into a community where every little moment matters.  And we can celebrate life, love, and the beautiful way God wraps us up in His gospel of Grace!

There is also this little thing called…

INSPIRE –A Gathering to Encourage, Equip, and Empower Women to Embrace their lives with Purpose and Joy –

coming this Fall and you are all invited!!  It was a little dream that God kept bringing up and now it is finally here and the whole team is so excited!!  More details to come, but so you can mark your calendars:



So I will be taking some time to update, plan, dive deep into summer with my tribe, prepare, eat shrimp on the beach, pray, read, create, and get ready for one of the greatest things I have had the privilege to embrace – connecting with other women on this journey of living transformed lives!

Thank you for the grace of irregular posting!  Come on over to Facebook and Instagram where I will be connecting more over the summer!


SO looking forward to this year with y’all!!





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