Three Ways to Get Attention



I heard the girls talking while they came in to the house…



“You think your day was bad? I had badminton today and we had to go to the gym. Of course, the seniors from the baseball team came in and started using the weights and then I realized that my water bottle is right by the weight benches!…”

I am blessed to be sharing some words over at The Whatever Girls today!  Come on by to hear how getting attention is easier than I thought.  Click here to read more.



Inspire Me Monday – I Want to Be Photo Shopped!

Inspire Me Monday cropped 250x250

Happy Monday! As some of you know, I am starting to write a little more on beauty from the Lord. So often in today’s world, beauty looks like something that you have to work to obtain: getting your make up done flawlessly, working out for hours, and having the perfect … {…Read More}

Welcome to Freedom Friday!

Okay Y’all! Welcome to Freedom Friday! We are learning how to trade life-draining obligations into an invitation to find more freedom, purpose, and joy! And to make it even more fun. . . This is my first attempt at vlogging. That is a video blog. Or in my case, my hubby taking … {…Read More}