Finish the Sentence Friday – What am I Passionate About? My FRIENDS..

What am I passionate about?  Or who? (Spoiler Alert: Friends)

To say you are passionate about something means to spend time on it.  Even if it is gardening and you do not know it, people measure your passion by what you spend your time on.

SO what do I spend my time on?

It certainly is not my house, although I wish it were sometimes.  Not that I do not like a clean house.  In fact, I wrote a whole book on how I am trying to have a clutter free house and heart.  I really do like to have clean and welcoming home.  It sounds as if I spend a lot of time on my home with the amount of time I talk about doing stuff to my house to my sister, but am I really spending that much time on it? Hmm..

The first would be MY FRIENDS. I need to say my extended family is very much included in this bit of friends, because they were my first friends and they have been with me for life.  My mom, dad, sister, and brother, as well as all of their families and all of my husband’s side have places in my heart that will never change. Now, if my blogger account or my goofy computer were working how they should, I could add some great pictures of my family and friends.  But for now, you will have to trust me, because they rock. They stick with me through more than I want to live through.  Through pain, questions, anxiety and fear.  And they are there to cheer, to laugh, and to say they like my new profile pic. They love me no matter what!

I would also say my husband (MY BEST FRIEND), because I adore my husband more than chocolate covered strawberries. I love our date nights.  I love watching him with our kids.  I love him, and I love how he makes me laugh, but do I really spend a lot of time planning for him, serving Him, and just being with him?  Not as much as I should or as I would like. Or as much as he would like I am sure…

My kids would be one that I would say, for sure, I am quite passionate about and I would have to put it right up there with time since I home school and am with them almost 24/7. And as far as love goes, it is never ending and always fillingThey are my sweetest friends who I love for life. Take tonight for example, when my little one prayed to Jesus and said, “Thank you for making my Mommy who never says, ‘No,” when I ask her to snuggle.” It doesn’t get much better than that! So I would have to say that my kids are my passion, although I reminded when I hear prayers like that that I have been created with a hole that can only be filled with my Jesus.

I know He should be my passion. MY VERY BEST FRIEND! My first love. My consuming thought.  And on those sweet days when I do come to Him and ask for His wisdom, patience, and strength. When He becomes not only my God, but my true passion…Ahhh, those can be some good days. Because some days can be hard.  Some days I get so tired.  When one hurtful comment is said to me. When one more person lets me down.  When I mess up the same way again and again. My body hurts. My spirit is weary. God should be my passion, for  I am His beloved. His daughter. His princess. I am His Friend. I am His passion.

And that makes me want to change the way I spend my time…

What is your passion?  Where do you spend your time? I would love to know…

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