Inspire Me Monday – I Want to Be Photo Shopped!

Happy Monday!

As some of you know, I am starting to write a little more on beauty from the Lord. So often in today’s world, beauty looks like something that you have to work to obtain: getting your make up done flawlessly, working out for hours, and having the perfect eyebrows. (You are welcome for that link!)

Today, I am here to tell you that you are already beautiful!

God created you in His image and he created you his beloved one.

I am my beloved’s and He is mine.

One of my favorite recording artists sings a song about beauty and it has become my theme song for encouraging young girls and their mamas as well! I adore Jonny Diaz and his sweet little family!

His song, More Beautiful You, is the perfect reminder that

There could never be another more beautiful you.”

But as I watched this video, I was also reminded that I want to be photo shopped. No, I don’t mean to whiten my teeth or make my eyes more blue, but I do want God to chisel away at the sin in my life to create in me a clean heart. I want to get rid of the envy, anxiety, and doubt that often comes into my heart.

I want him to continue to shape me, mold me, take out the yuck and replace it with His beauty.

Let the king be enthralled by your beauty;
    honor him, for he is your lord.

Psalm 45:11

Friends, we are God’s beautiful masterpieces, and He has wiped away the flaws from our soul with His grace on the cross. That “flawless picture” of a new creation is complete!

Yet, our lives are still in need of His grace every day – his continued photo shopping – to help us to abide in Him in more intimate ways in order to glorify Him in all we do here on earth. To glorify Him like that is truly beautiful!

You are beautiful.

There could never be a more beautiful you.

His grace is your beauty.


May your beauty be found in Him today!


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  • Anita

    Oh, I love the idea of letting God constantly photoshop us into his image!

  • Andrea Mitchell

    I need this reminder all too often. Thank you, friend!

  • Karen Del Tatto

    This was a very timely reminder for me. I seem to be in one of my “ugly phases”; where I am just not happy with how I look no matter what I do.

    They say that confidence is what “brings out inner beauty”. What amazing confidence we have knowing that we are daughters of the King!

    I loved your quote, “Friends, we are God’s beautiful masterpieces, and He has wiped away the flaws from our soul with His grace on the cross. That “flawless picture” of a new creation is complete!”

    Thank you for this edifying post. I’m so glad I stopped by!