Welcome to Freedom Friday!

Okay Y’all!

Welcome to Freedom Friday!

We are learning how to trade life-draining obligations into an invitation to find more freedom, purpose, and joy!

And to make it even more fun. . .

This is my first attempt at vlogging.

That is a video blog. Or in my case, my hubby taking a video while my daughter and my niece are behind him trying to make me laugh!

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Okay, now on to the VLOGGING…




Okay, grace, folks!

Apparently, I love talking with my hands.


So if you did not get it, the question for the blog today is:

What is one routine that helps you streamline your day

so that you can say yes to what God wants you to in order to glorify Him?


Any routine.  Any tips. I look forward to connecting and hearing some great ideas.


Also, come on over to my Facebook page and join the conversation over there and you will also be able to reach out to Jodi who is one of the Girlfriends on the Couch! We are starting at 10:30 am CST and will be on and off until 2 pm.



Jodi is awesome!  We talked for an hour yesterday and with every conversation topic we had, I had another question that she was able to shed some light on because, Friends, we are on this together, and each one of us can encourage one another with our stories!


Side Note: If you are just signing up today for the study, we will get the past emails to you and a way to download the other videos for you. So do not worry if you think you are “late.” This is a come watch when you can and join us at any point!


Looking forward to connecting with you all!


  • http://beckfarfromhome.blogspot.com/ Beck Gambill

    Hi Angie, I love Susie and have for years and I’m loving how she is placing her material into community this time! When my kids were just little, they’re 11 and 7 now, I learned the importance of starting my day before they woke up. Instead of sleeping as late as I could and rolling out of bed when they did, I would set my alarm at least an hour before their wake up time. Which when you have toddlers can be VERY early! But it’s been worth it. It gives me time to have that first cup of coffee, start my day with prayer and reflection on Jesus, prepare for the day ahead, and if I was really awesome get a quick shower! On the days I was too tired to do that I always felt like I was behind and just keeping up. But that takes preparation. It means I have to go to bed at a decent time and mentally prepare for that alarm. Now that my kids are older, and it’s summer, my wake up time can be a little later than when they were toddlers, but it’s still so important. I’m a better mom and more prepared for my day if I start it with those first quiet moments.

    • Angie Ryg

      Hi Beck!

      Thank you for joining the conversation. And thank you for encouraging me with your inspiring idea! I am a HUGE sleeper. I love sleep, but I have been convicted over and over to get up and spend time with God before the kids get up. Your wonderful story of those first quiet moments are just another message that I really need to give my first fruits to God! And yes, the going to bed earlier is something that I must do as well! With my kids getting older, that is harder to do and still get some time without the kids being up, but it is worth it!

      SO glad you visited today! I look forward to connecting even more!

  • http://heidiviars.com/ Heidi Viars

    Thanks so much, Angie, for the great post (and congrats on the vlog!). The older I get the more I sense God’s amazing grace to me and His desire to know His presence, no matter what time of day. The Holy Spirit guides us into different “quiet times” and always straight to the Throne of grace and the heart of our Father. Even times of business can be a tool in our Abba’s hand to draw us to His heart and knowing how utterly dependent we are on Him for all things.
    Our yes is really only as sacred as our desire for holiness and intimacy with our God … no matter what time of day, no matter what time of life.
    THANK YOU, for getting my wheels turning this morning!!! Thanks for ministering to us!