When You Feel Like You Are The Only One With Yuck




She takes me aside and in broken English she whispers, “Thank you for making me know I am not alone.”

We were standing hand in hand and the sweat was still dripping down my back with the India heat pushing my billowy flowered dress into the back of my knees.

Her dark hair was swept up into a beautiful braid and wisps were sticking to the side of her face as she leaned in to bring me into her secret.


“I feel so alone.”


My heart breaks as I know the feeling that soaks into my soul all too often.

She then goes on to say, “I like that you shared your yuck with us.”

And we connected right there, in spite of different languages, different clothes, and different cultures.


Because y’all…

No matter what we have been through, we are chosen, forgiven, and called Holy daughters of the King.


No matter our yuck!


And truly I had shared my yuck.

Do you ever feel like you are the only one with Yuck?  I am blessed to be guest posting over at (in)courage today! Come on over and join the conversation over at (in)courage about what God does with our yuck…



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