Inspire Me Monday – Week Twenty Nine

Twas the night before a christmas fail button 400x400

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,

I was running like a chicken with my head cut off or maybe a grouse;

The stockings were in a bin still waiting to be found,

And snow globes and ornaments scattered all around;

The children were all snuggled up in their beds,

And I was hoping the chaos was escaping their heads;

Chaos of Pinterest craft messes and school party fails,

Concerts with black pants, not khaki, because of many missed emails;

When then upstairs there arose such a clatter,

I quickly ran up to see what was the matter;

My kids are all shouting, “Christmas letters to Santa never got sent!”

Little boys wanting Minecraft, Frozen, and any Disney Event;

And then the teen girl who used to ask for all things glitter,

Says she will be happy with just joining Twitter;

So letters are written, promised to mail,

And I sigh as I think about another Christmas Fail;

The children finally settle down and now there are presents to wrap,

While “Mr. Claus” is already settled in for a nap;

Ripping off stickers and all the price tags,

Yet still knowing I will explain that Santa sometimes shops at Target and keeps all the bags;

I realize Christmas cookies were never made, the Advent Calendar box is still on thirteen,

And sweet Baby Jesus has been replaced with a Lego mini-figure in the Nativity scene;

And yet when I fall in my bed late that night,

Just barely missing the sun’s early light;

I am reminded of another Mama many years ago,

Who was up all night watching a Miracle given from Heaven to us below;

So for those Mamas thinking they have to make a perfect Christmas season,

And that creative cookies and magnificent mantels are all part of the reason;

Let’s join together in not one-upping and comparing,

But instead celebrating each other and find reason for sharing;

For those cookies I will try to make tomorrow and my mantle will eventually get done,

But let’s not let this beautiful time pass us without enjoying all the moments of fun;

The fun of a smile, a snowman or two,

a story to read, special time with you;

These are the things that our families will remember,

the traditions that show love will be what they will treasure.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a wonderful month of blessed MOMents with those that you love!


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 Angie Ryg

I cannot wait to read your inspirations!

  • Linda@Creekside

    Ah … to focus on the Christ child, Christ the Savior in the midst of all the crazymaking that’s swirling around us, Angie …
    Sleep in heavenly peace!

  • Lisa Brittain

    Wonderful…I was wondering where you were going with all that “stuff”. You pulled me in and wrapped it up nicely with the true meaning of Christmas and our need to focus on Christ who IS Christmas! I pray all mommies will read and take heed…and we will encourage one another and share. Blessings of GREAT JOY on your amazing adventure journey with Jesus!

  • Beth

    I don’t often have a Monday post and have not been doing many linkups recently but I felt a nudge to join you today when you wrote about being present over perfect. So much where I am at too. Blessings to you, Angie. Praying for a month of much JOY for us all. <3

  • Anita

    Beautiful :). I’ll join you in the anti-comparison crusade :).

  • Kathy Pine

    I just got chills when I read this part

    “Let’s join together in not one-upping and comparing,

    But instead celebrating each other and find reason for sharing;”

    We have to go the extra mile to redefine the holidays in a loving and gentle way. Thanks for sharing the message.

  • Carol Bovee

    How fun! I love this. The poem is great but the sentiment? It’s perfect!

  • Cindy Krall

    Apparently you have been to our home! “I realize Christmas cookies were never made, the Advent Calendar box is still on thirteen…” Thanks for bringing a broad smile to my lips and a “you are not alone” battle cry to my heart!

  • Mary Hill

    This line had me laughing and crying at the same time. I can so relate:
    And sweet Baby Jesus has been replaced with a Lego mini-figure in the Nativity scene
    Well not exactly. I have a tween girl. She doesn’t like Legos, but it was funny. :)

    Feel free to linkup your poem at my Book Musings Mondays which is all about family friendly literature and activities and book reviews. Your poem counts as family friendly literature for the season. I love poetry and am encouraging authors to link up too. I linked my post for the book hop up in your hop. It is the one with the cat and the books. Anyway, enjoyed meeting you. So glad I stopped by for fun and laughter.