Inspire Me Monday – Week Twenty Eight

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe speaker at the conference looks right into the souls of more than 1000 moms and daughters and asks the question that I wish I could erase from my little girl’s mind,

“What is the one thing that you don’t like about yourself?”

I see my girl’s head tilt to the side with crunched up eyes and then she smiles big as her face lights up because she thought of something and just as quickly her smile turns down just a bit.

She leans in and whispers, “I didn’t have anything that I didn’t like about myself at first but then I  thought of something, but now that is all I can think about.”


And just like that, my little girl went from complete acceptance into a questioning of her physical attributes.


And she was only eight years old.


And the whole kicker of this scenario?  We were at a conference that was supposed to build confidence into a girl’s heart and body image!

So this beauty thing is on my mind with that eight year old now a fourteen year old and we are dealing with body image, social media comparisons, and a world that tells you that it is beautiful to take off your clothes.


I will go into much much much more about all of this in future posts.  God is doing mighty things in the hearts of some young women both here and in India and I am excited to share their stories, but until then, today’s inspiration is a fun clip that I found about some mamas that are making this beauty thing into a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of character building!



These Mamas Are Teaching Real Beauty

(Click right up there!)


Fun side note: It wasn’t until I really looked at the moms faces that I recognized one mom who is a writer whose words I adore and would love to someday buy us a big plate of nachos we could share and two sweet teas and talk about kids, growing up, and this beautiful life God has given us!


If you have not ever visited her site, you must right now go check out Kristen! (She was the one with all the kids! We have that in common.

Go ahead. I am fully aware that you may not come back because you will want to read everything she has written, but I am okay with that. She is just that good to read!

Consider her another gift of inspiration to light up your Monday morning!


But I hope you do at least come back to link up your inspirations for the week!


And now, I am ready for your words of inspiration. Link up your words, your craft ideas, your recipies, your cleaning tips…Anything to make this week one of peace, planning, and intentional goodness!


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 Angie Ryg

I cannot wait to read your inspirations!

  • Kristen Howerton

    Thank you so much for those sweet affirmations! Means a lot to me.

  • Cindy Martin Krall

    Oh Angie! Loved the video clip! I remember my daughter and I doing that! I ended up looking like Spock! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  • Anita

    Having daughters is NOT easy–especially in today’s crazy world where right is marketed as wrong and wrong is the new right. Grr! Makes a mama’s job so much harder.

  • Tara Ulrich

    It is so hard to be a teenage girl in this world. I see the comparisons they make with each other and with the world. My hope is that as I teach them in Confirmation class, they realize how “fearfully and wonderfully made” they are.

  • Lisa Renee Milford Brittain

    Thank you, Angie, for your post, your insights, and a place to link up! I’m sorry your sweet daughter became aware of the negative thoughts process at such a young age of eight. This broken world we live in struggles so hard for the One who is true against the mass of lies.
    What I know is God turns around (for us who love Him) the things we wish were not and uses them for His glory and our maturity as we trust Him. Gratefully you were present when this happened and so you were aware of the exposure giving you opportunity to speak truth and pray protection over your little girl’s heart from a place of knowing.
    Thank you for your post and food for thought and the love you have for your daughter and for Jesus!

  • Beth

    Hello Angie. I wanted to stop by quickly to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! Let’s be sure to meet for dinner in early 2015. I’d like to share an idea with you and I would love to hear about your trip to India. :)
    Much love. xoxo