BEGIN – {Five Minute Friday}



I am not sure what Christmas show it is…I think it is Rudolph…someone help me please, but the song, “Just put one foot in front of the other…” came to mind when I saw this prompt.



But that is always easier said than done. Especially for me.  For before I begin anything, I feel like I have to complete something else. When I sit down to write, even for five minutes, I look around and see that I really should clean up my room. When I pack for a trip, I decide that I need to clean the pantry first. It is if starting is not enough. There has to be some sort of final product that I can look back on in order to remind myself that there will be an end when I begin.


But now, I know that starting has to be enough. For in two weeks, Leah will begin her first year in high school.

I cannot finish anything to promise me that it will all “go well.”

All I can do is pray that she may finish well – that she remains strong in her walk with Jesus and that the things of the world do not distract her. And isn’t that the prayer for us all? – to begin each day by giving it right back to the One who gave it to us?

Just one foot in front of the other…




Here is the last Five Minute Friday that Lisa-Jo Baker is hosting. There is a one word prompt and five minutes to write. She has finished well and is passing off this leading of a beautiful community to Kate and if you have not joined in yet to read or write…Come join the fun!


  • Anita

    That is my prayer as well–that I begin each day by giving it back to the one who made it (and to remember that I need to give him the people in my life back, too–they aren’t mine, they are gifts).

    • Angie Ryg

      I love that – reminding ourselves of the gift of people that God has given us. Thank you for that! :)

  • Cindy Fincher

    I love what you said about your daughter. Your daughter is beginning high school and my oldest daughter finished high school this spring is beginning her new life of adult hood.. Always in the process of giving our beginnings and endings to Him.

    • Angie Ryg

      Oh Congrats! Didn’t the last four years just fly by? I know that is coming! Blessings on this new season for her and you! Thanks for your kind words!

      • Cindy Fincher

        Oh yes they did. In the midst of all of it I didn’t think it would but it did. :)

  • Andrea Mitchell

    I am so there with you – Emma starts in a month and I think I am more undone about it than when she started Kindergarten. My husband pointed out she only has two more summers after this before she graduates and I almost cried. But I love this reminder, to pray for her to finish well.

    • Angie Ryg

      Yes. As much as I love these days, I find myself wishing for the yesterdays. I can only stay on my knees because that is all I can do. . . :) And for yours, now I will pray too! :)

  • Amy Tilson

    Oh, how I can relate to this. I had to finish the office before I could start on the kitchen. I had to straighten up my craft rack downstairs before I could start on the office. If something is in the back of my mind it needs to be taken care of before I can move forward. I should get over that. It can be a false sense of productivity when really it is just busy work and procrastination. Thanks for the encouragement to just start!

    • Angie Ryg

      I love that phrase: “a false sense of productivity” – that is so true! Thank you for putting words into my distractions – accidental or purposeful! :)

  • Ginger Daniel

    How we all struggle to choose which thing to start…and then the struggle to finish. Yep, right there with ya!

    • Angie Ryg

      I know! There are so many and then I will get distracted by another thing. I need to pray more for discipline and focus! :)