FINISH – {Five Minute Friday}

So I showed up one day – to this place of encouragement and beauty. This place where brave words fell and hearts were open. And I wrote. I wrote about the word that was given. But I rarely wrote about my heart wrapped up in that word.

And then a few more words, and even more time and this craft that God molds and shapes and makes His own in a variety of ways cameout. The desire to write was always there, but this desire to connect took hold.

And on the day when I sat there with one that I had only known online and sat flesh to flesh – the connection became sweet. Because that is what the words can do – they can change hearts. They can inspire hope. Words matter.

Only then did the words go deep – not because the word was any different – although it was – many years of so.many.different.words. But it was because of community – they opened a part of me that was content to be mine alone. But now, it wanted to grow.

And for that, I thank Lisa-Jo who started this community. Her willingness to open her place to a community of writers, dreamers, and hope.




And I found that it helped me to finish my thoughts because it helped to fill my heart.








Here is the second to last Five Minute Friday that Lisa-Jo will be hosting. And then Kate will take over. And you will actually learn even more about Kate next week as I introduce her in a super fun blog hop that she invited me to!


But if you want to join in, come on over and write for five minutes. No editing, no over thinking. Just write – from the heart.


  • Jen Daugherty

    It never quite ends up like we imagine, does it? This community and these wonderful ladies also surprised me, taking me into the community like I was a long-lost sister. How amazing these women are!

    • Angie Ryg

      This is a beautiful community that has been created for the glory of God! Lisa-Jo has led well and Kate will be amazing! So blessed by every voice here! :)

  • Holly Solomon Barrett

    Great post, Angie! Loved Jen’s comment below too…like we are all long-lost sisters. Last night when I popped into #FMFParty and you greeted me so enthusiastically, you can’t know how much that cheered my soul, Angie! Thanks for continued encouragement in this community, sweet friend!

    • Angie Ryg

      Oh Yes! God is so good to give us community! How are you feeling today? I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

      • Holly Solomon Barrett

        Thanks for asking, Angie. God is good and He is in control, so I’ll be fine. Real life just has a way of bogging us down sometimes!

  • Tammy Perlmutter

    This is lovely. I’m so happy you got to meet her. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was good to hear from you again.

    • Angie Ryg

      She is a lovely person! And it has been so fun to connect with you! :)

  • Ginger Daniel

    Honored to join a community in Christ with you!

    • Angie Ryg

      Thank you! I love this community! God gives such good gifts to us, doesn’t He? :)

  • Barbie

    I am blessed and encouraged my a community of beautiful sisters in Christ who spur me on and help me to keep running this race.

    • Angie Ryg

      Yes! Isn’t this amazing. Lisa-Jo has opened her place to all of us and it is such a blessing!