Inspire Me Monday – Week Twenty – Four

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Happy Monday!


I made it!


It is Monday!

And I have someone that I really want you to meet this week!  This lady inspires me with her humor  and the hope that she brings mamas out there!  I got the blessing to guest post on her site and I am signing her praises for her new book!  Please come check Kathi Lipp out!


I pray this post inspires you that even bad Mondays can bring inspiration!


When this group of #InspireMeMonday ladies got together, we wanted to kick start a great community, and it has been so fun to connect with everyone! Thank you for joining me every week and sharing your ideas, your tips, your reflections, your recipes, your beauty!  It has been the highlight of my blog! Let’s be honest, for the last 24 weeks, it has been the only thing on my blog! That is going to change. For the next two months, I am going into a Sabbatical of sorts. I have realized that I have been trying to write just to write instead of living and writing from my life – from my story.

We are going to take some time off of Inspire Me Monday.  And my blogging will look different.  If I have something to write, I am going to write it, but I want to go down deep to where my story is – where the story of my family is – where the the story of my faith is.

I want to be still a bit to hear from God. I want to go back to my writing and seeing the precious in the moments. I want to read more of others, read more of Him, and write the story he gave me. I want to explore why I write and what I write. In fact, I have a few writer friends that have encouraged me, and inspired me in this writing thing that burns in my heart. You will hear more about them in a few days!

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 Angie Ryg


So now it is your turn…We all need a little inspiration.

Here are “The Rules” ~

1. Write, show, or share something that will inspire others. It can be one thing or several. It can be a quick thing like a quote or a longer thing like sharing some verses in the Bible and what it says to you or a tutorial on making your own wrapping paper. Anything goes. For next week – The challenge is a recipe!

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  • Becky Keife

    Angie, this right here, this “non-writing writing” may be my favorite thing you’ve written. :) Your heart to lean into the story God is writing in your life and be still to listen long and faithful to wait to tell THAT story is beautiful and inspiring. Surely God has wonderful things in store for you, friend! I’m looking forward to watching your writing journey continue to unfold. Blessings to you as you follow hard after Him.

    • Angie Ryg

      Oh Friend, you are with me in this journey. This one where writing and life intersect and we try to blend them, balance it all, and find beauty in the everyday. Thank you for your cheering! And know I am cheering for you! XO

  • Power of Modesty

    Angie- i’ve been where your at, stepping back from writing, posting only when i felt God leading me too. its because of ladies like you that i continue to write on, and i just want you to know that I’m here for you and i appreciate all that you’ve done for me. ((HUGS))

    • Angie Ryg

      Teresa, thank you so much for your kind words! They are such an encouragement to me! We will keep joining hands and writing on!

  • Jolene Underwood

    Angie – I am overjoyed with hearing you heart shared here today. I sensed something going on and a silence where God was/and will be speaking to you. May your time be blessed beyond words as He draws you in. I so love hearing that you are doing what He leads you to as He leads you. AMEN to that friend! Best wishes to you on your time of “quiet”. May you receive all that He has for you during this time, even if it means walking through hard steps. Sometimes those painful moments & emotions are the very thing that brings us closer. Wish we could sit and have coffee or tea together! :) Blessings!

    • Angie Ryg

      Oh Thank you for grace and isn’t it funny how you sensed something? I know He is up to something big, but I sometimes get too anxious wanting what I think He wants NOW. Like that little brat in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! :) So glad we connected here in this little space! {hugs}