In Which I Choose Today

DSCN1661I crawl in next to her and get under the covers and I hold her close.  I touch her head and I whisper good night again because I still tuck her in even though she is a lady girl wrapped in her daddy’s shirt.

And I whisper to her and to myself how much I love her and that I am proud and because I am in a thinking mood,  I ask if she remembers when she used to write me notes that asked if she could have an “L” or an “S” which meant a Layover or a Sleepover.

A Layover is when she would sleep in our bed until Daddy took her back into her own bed and a Sleepover is when she got to sleep in the middle all night long.

She doesn’t write those notes very often. And I told her she could write one of she wanted. And she smiled half sleepy with dreams of 8th grade volleyball games and Lego movies with friends.

And I have the choice.  I can choose to be sad and to wish I could relive those days of peanut butter kisses and princess tea parties or I can choose to enjoy this moment that I have with this teen who loves Jesus and still chooses to stay home to have a family movie night with us. I can choose to dance with her when she laughs and hold her when she cries.

For choosing to live in this moment leads to time well spent. For time with my little girl and in my whisper of a minute on earth.


 “That will not be the time for choosing; it will be the time when we discover which side we really have chosen, whether we realized it before or not. Now, today, this moment, is our chance to choose the right side. God is holding back to give us that chance. It will not last for ever. We must take it or leave it.”


I am choosing to join Lisa-Jo to all write on one word (for only five minutes) and share the stories of hope and grace and brave life flowing in every choice we make. Join us?

  • Leah Abraham

    Wow, Angie, this was beautifully written. And yes, I concur, it is a difficult choice to live in the now — to say thank you for the past, and tobe hopeful for the future — the tension of the eternal now. I will be saying a small prayer tonight so that you may immerse yourself into that holy tension. Blessings!

    • Angie Ryg

      Thank you for your kind words and prayers! They are needed! It is a tension that brings me joy and to my knees at the same time!

  • Misty Wagner

    So beautiful!
    As a mom of a 9th grade girl, I felt like you were writing my own heart. I want, somedays, to be so sad. SO sad… but when I’m honest, there are so many great things about this age. I love the conversations we have and that we can share more together like books, movies and art. We often have deep discussions and though her generation (and age) worry me SO MUCH somedays, I look at the young lady she is and my heart feels like it could literally burst!

    • Angie Ryg

      Yes, our little girls…we walk into their room and see them sleeping and they look like the little girls we remember, but then, they ask to go to a movie with their friends, and we think, where did my baby go?! I will pray for you Kindred Sister! :)

  • Lori Harris

    This one rips at my mama heart, Angie. My oldest is 12 and I live the in-between, now. Thanks for the reminder that I can choose how I respond to this new stage of life. Thankful I dropped by!

    • Angie Ryg

      Oh, Me to! So glad you dropped by! The in-between can bring such joy if we take the time to stop and be in the moment!

  • Anita

    You’ll always be glad you chose to spend time with your baby :). I’m an introvert, and it took me awhile to figure out that I had to choose to spend quality time with my extroverted daughters if I wanted to develop the relationships. They love each other dearly, but they also needed ME.

    • Angie Ryg

      Oh, they need us so much, don’t they? I heard that even when they push us away, that is when they need us the most! Blessings on your family!

  • Emily Simmons

    Oh, how my heart aches when I read this. My little girl is 9 and leaving little girl things behind. I can very much relate to having to choose to celebrate what is instead of what is past. Thank you for sharing!

    • Angie Ryg

      Oh, the first Christmas that American Girl was not on her list was a hard one! Enjoy! And may you celebrate today!

  • Rebekah

    My oldest is 12 and is right there on the cusp. Our hearts are so fragile and this letting go can crush them. And yet, that we can still hold them is such grace. Walking into new territory, just as unsteady as when I brought her home from the hospital. Choosing to live in this moment, seems so much more clear now that we have gone through so many ‘stages’ that we thought might not ever end. What irony! They end all too quickly. Thank you for writing on this today.

    • Angie Ryg

      I know….right when we figure out what is important, it is over! But so glad for grace and that His mercies are new every morning! Fresh and new in each of us!

  • Holly Solomon Barrett

    “For choosing to live in this moment leads to time well spent.” We will never be sorry for choosing to live in the moment with our kids. We can’t go back to any previous stage…and we will love the stages that are to come. But today we can rest in the blessing of this moment, this picture that will be captured in our heads forever.

    • Angie Ryg

      Yes! Resting in the moment. I love that picture! Thank you Friend!

  • Laura Boggess

    I really needed to read this tonight, Angie. Embracing today with my teenagers is taking some courage lately :). Thanks for this encouragement, friend.

    • Angie Ryg

      I am right with you. But I know it will be gone before we know it, right? 😉 Oh, Friend, I am praying for you! {HUGS} coming your way!

  • David Rupert

    When we look at the totality of our lives, it will come down to those individual moments, those seemingly insignificant ways we chose to follow God. We don’t always see the immediate benefit, but there is great reward for a living a lifetime of right living

    • Angie Ryg

      You are so right, David! Following is often in the small details of our lives! Bless you today!