Five Minute Friday – FIGHT



Family. These people that I grew up with. These people that know how I sucked my thumb (and maybe still do on a really hard day). These people that saw my first love, lived through my first heart break, and even comforted me for my first traffic ticket. We have spent crazy amounts of time in a station wagon and a maroon van driving to Iowa, Door County, and Up North.  We have worn our bell bottomed flowered pants together and even a tube top or two. (What were we thinking?)

And these people who have known me from birth, have loved me and my sweet little bowl cut Dorothy Hamill (seriously, look at me here…I am the little one) from the very beginning and I would do anything to keep them safe. I would fight for them…for their hearts, for their souls, for this thing called family.

Loyalty runs deep. It is built in the hard times and the sweet times. And when you have this love that you would fight for, you want to pass that on. Oh, may I pass this on to my children. May I give of myself like my parents have sacrificed much for us, their three kids. And like them, let me give a love that so shows God’s love that my kids cannot help but want to fight for that love and for each other.

What is a favorite memory that you have from growing up?

Every Friday for four years, brave writers have been getting together here. Lisa Jo is so good to host.  Come by and check out some other amazing ladies in a wonderful community! 


  • Shalynne Addison

    My most favorite memories from growing up would be the times I got to spend one on one with different family members – my Dad & I having a Star Wars marathon, going out on the boat with my Grandpa, going shopping with my Grandma. I loved having fun with them, no matter what we were doing.

    Stopping by from FMF! :)

    • Angie Ryg

      We have had a few of those Star Wars marathons as well! What blessings! And what a good reminder that it is just in the quality time! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Barbie

    Out of four siblings, I am only close to one. I am the only Christian in my family, so it’s been hard at times. The best memories I have of my childhood was when all five of us, brother’s and sisters, would get together and show one another genuine love and affection. Those day’s are few and far between now. Stopping over from the 5MF. Have a blessed weekend.

    • Angie Ryg

      Oh Barbie…that is hard. I will pray that you will shine His light so that they cannot help but see Jesus! Blessings!

  • Holly Solomon Barrett

    My favorite memories involve hanging out at my grandma’s house and “helping” her with all her chores! Loyalty ran deep in my family and runs deep today through my children and my brother’s children. Your kids will learn it from you as well!

    • Angie Ryg

      I love that you had a good relationship with your grandma. I think it is such a blessing that my kiddos are so close to my parents. And maybe you can come back on Monday and link up to give some tips to inspire some “helping” with the chores for us to read! :)

  • Amy

    I knew I connect with you for more than blogging – I had the same Dorothy Hamill cut. I not only will fight for my siblings, I will also fight with them. Some of my favorite memories growing up is just the 3 of us wrestling around. My sister and I would see if we could ‘pin’ my big brother for the win.

    • Angie Ryg

      Yes! Was it the three of you? For us, it was always two against one in some fashion. Wrestling, scaring each other, playing card games. Such fun times. I miss being seven! 😉

  • Amy Grable

    I too had the Dorothy Hamill haircut. Maybe just a little too short that might have made me look like a boy. What is it about family vacations that bring on fun childhood memories? I don’t have a close relationship with my brother but I pray that my 4 kiddos would fight for each other not fight with each other. Fun to chat with you via Twitter last night. Excited to join this community of bloggers.

    • Angie Ryg

      These are good people, I tell you! So glad you came by! And four? Me too! It makes for a fun family night! You are so encouraging! Make sure you come by on Monday to link up so others can visit your blog and be inspired! Blessings!

  • Dionna Sanchez

    I pray that my children find me worthy of following and emulating. That they admire me as they grow up and become parents and adult women themselves.

    As for a favorite memory? Riding around in my dad’s pickup truck with him – just talking. :)


    • Angie Ryg

      That sounds delightful. Anytime talking with Daddy is a good time!